We take great pride in our food offering here at Allium. As well as our Main Menu based on grill and BBQ classics, we serve a fantastic afternoon tea with Birchills tea or Treviso coffee by pre order between 12pm and 4pm and makes an excellent gift

We serve our Main Menu  all day and it is dictated by what ingredients are available at their peak

Our modern bar is always stocked with a large selection of gins, prosecco, craft beers and local ales, wines and delicious cocktails and is the perfect place to relax at any time

Menus are samples and are subject to change

Please let us know at the time of booking if you have a specific requirement or you have an intolerance or allergy. If we are not informed before your arrival, we may not be able to accommodate your request.

Our menus are created around produce we can grow in our own Kitchen Garden, seasonality, bold flavours, and excitement. The food at Allium is best described as BBQ style 'comfort food' with American influences and a modern twist. We believe our menus are brimming with choice and have options for all tastes. We only use ingredients when they are at their best, so dishes can change on a daily basis, depending on what is available in our Kitchen Garden or from our suppliers

The county of Cheshire is lucky to have so many excellent suppliers and producers that work tirelessly to bring us fantastic produce to cook with every day. That’s not to say that international ingredients don’t make an appearance, buy they must stand up against the other produce we use and compliment the flavours and stlye of Allium. We treat each and every ingredient with sympathy, always asking ourselves “is this the best thing we can do with this ingredient”. As the line between seasons becomes blurred, our dishes can change on a daily basis, only using produce that is at its peak on that day, meaning that or food changes often, but not our approach and commitment to producing the best food we can.


Go small for a perfect starter or side order


Small Large


Mac and Cheese- Classic macaroni pasta with creamy and crunchy

                                         Italian style cheese   (v)                                     £5               £8 ½   

With Bacon                                                                                              £6               £9 ½


Jumbo Shrimp- Crispy fried with lemon salt and birds- eye

chilli mayo (df)                                                    £6               £11


Zucchini- Marinated and chargrilled with goat’s cheese (v)                           £4               £7 ½


Garlic Bread- Toasted sour dough with herb and garlic butter   (v)                     £3                 £6 ½

With Mozzarella                                                                                           £4 ½            £7


Marinated Chicken Wings- With sour cream

Tattenhall Southern Fried- Heart of America                                                  £4               £7 ½

Sticky Tennessee BBQ- Nashville special (gf)                                               £4               £7 ½

Louisiana Hot and Spicy- From the deep south   (gf)                                     £4               £7 ½


Nacho’s- Freshly baked corn chips with a choice of topping

Chilli beef                                                                                                    £4               £7 ½

Cheese and chive from our garden (v)                                                          £3 ½            £7

Heritage English tomato and red pepper salsa (v)                                         £3 ½            £7




Our grills are served with mushroom, roasted tomato, skin on fries and watercress


New York Strip- 8 oz 30-day wet aged local beef (gf)                                                      £21 *


Skewers- Mediterranean vegetable and halloumi with coriander

and garlic (v) (gf)                                                                    £11


Ribeye- 8oz 30-day wet aged local beef  (gf)                                                                   £20 *


Mixed Grill- Gammon, beef rump, lamb steak, sausage, black pudding, fried eggs            £25 *


Chicken- Corn- fed farm reared breast marinated in Southern spice (gf)                          £12


Hake- Roasted with charred pepper salsa, confit potato, onion and bacon                    £14


Extra’s- Add to any of the above grill’s


Big John’s Surf and Turf- Crispy king prawns                                                                   £5 ½


‘Flintstones’- Add ½ slab of BBQ ribs (gf)                                                               £6 ½



Our half and full slabs are served with skin on fries


Pig- Baby back ribs slow cooked for 18 hours and served with your choice of glaze


½ Slab Full Slab

Classic BBQ   (gf) (df)                                                                                  £12             £16 ½

Applewood smoked   (gf) (df)                                                                        £12             £16 ½

Chipotle hot sauce (gf) (df)                                                                          £12             £16 ½




A handmade Allium beef patty grilled to perfection and served in a sour dough bun with skin on fries


Classic- Simply served with American mustard, ketchup and grilled onions (df)                £12


American- With lettuce, tomato, Allium mayo and pickle (df)                                             £13½


Dirty- Smothered in our spicy chilli beef and melted cheese                                              £14


Mac Stack- Finished with double cheese and macaroni                                           £13 ½


Ultimate- Mozzarella and streaky bacon with onions,

lettuce and tomato                                                          £15 ½ *


Portabello- Our own recipe mushroom patty with Allium mayo (v)                                       £12


T.F.C- Tattenhall Fried Chicken- Crispy double buttermilk fried breast with lettuce,

tomato, melted cheese and spicy mayo                               £12 ½


Add Bacon                                                                                                       £2

Add Cheese                                                                                                      £2



Perfect large for a lighter meal or small as a starter or side order


                                                                                                                  Small           Large

Mackerel- Grilled fillet, cucumber, dill, watercress, baby gem,

potato  (gf)                                                         £6               £12


Goats Cheese- Toasted walnut, red pepper, lettuce, tomato (v) (gf)                     £6 ½            £12


Chicken Caesar- Cos, bacon, anchovy, parmigiana and grilled chicken         £7               £14


Prawn- Jumbo shrimp, cocktail sauce, lettuce and tomato (df)           £7               £14



Traditional Favourites


Hotpot- Minced beef and onion baked with sliced potato, cheddar cheese

and chives, served with market vegetables (gf)                                   £11


Fish and Chips- Beer battered fish with ‘crushy’ pea’s, tartare sauce,

caramelised lemon and malt vinegar salt (df)                               £12 ½          


Great as accompaniments or as a snack



House ‘Slaw- £3      Buttered corn- £3    New potatoes with butter- £4


Skin on fries- £3 ½   Tossed Salad- £4    Fried onion petals-£3      ‘Crushy’ Pea’s-£3            


Perfectly indulgent, even better when shared


Cookies and Cream- Freshly baked warm cookies with chocolate milkshake                 £5


Lemon Meringue- Chilled posset, meringue, blackberry (gf)                                         £5      


Warm Apple Crumble- Apples from our garden baked with rich crumble

topping and vanilla ice cream                     £5


Broken Cheese Cake- Caramelised banana. soft cheese, buttery biscuit                            £5 ½